Michael Buckley

CEO & Founder
Michael Buckley

Michael Buckley is the CEO and Founder of Freeze Dry Industries Pty Ltd and its manufacturing arm, SunLife Superfoods.  He has a long background in business consulting and public practice accounting having sold that business in 2005 for an Australian record price. This outstanding result was significantly due to the internal systems and processes created by Michael. Since then he has been involved in app and software development and became one of the first Infusionsoft marketing automation accredited specialists in Australia.

Innovation has always been his driver and this led him to use his skills to conduct research and development on behalf of the freeze dryer manufacturers. That process in turn developed in to a fully blown business plan to take this unique Australian freeze drying technology and products to the agribusiness industry.

Freeze Dry Industries Pty Ltd (FDI) is uniquely positioned to create a new Australian industry in commercial freeze drying. This brilliant technology adds enormous value to otherwise perishable foods, and right through the Agribusiness chain.

The patented technology is world class and competes very favourably against any imported product or method. The process is extremely low energy using less than 20 amps versus 400 amps by comparable equipment thus becomes part of the greenhouse solution rather than adding to the problem.

Launched in Yandina Queensland, the freeze drying business aims to become the blueprint for freeze drying superfoods across Australia and indeed the world. Initially FDI’s product arm, Sunlife Superfoods will launch a new brand StraightUp, with 4 products as a snack pack that competes directly against Chinese imports that dominate the larger supermarket shelves.  Any consumer trying these products versus the competitors makes their choice immediately obvious. The superior quality process and product integrity is outstanding in comparison. Nutraceuticals, sports supplements and many other innovations are on the drawing board.