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Freeze dried Cheese – 10 pack carton


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Say what? Freeze dried cheese? You bet!

Take the absolute deliciousness of 100% Australian tasty cheese and pair it with the most amazing texture and crunch you can imagine.

Eat straight from the pack or throw on top of your pasta dishes, scrambled eggs or even serve straight up with wine.

Looking to upgrade the excitement factor in your salad? Throw some of these crunchy cubes on top and it will take your salad from ho-hum to ha-ha!

They’re even the perfect addition to the kids lunchbox. Single serve packets that won’t go soggy in the heat. Brilliant.

These may just be our favourite SunLife product yet.


  • 100% Australian cheese
  • No preservatives
  • No chemicals
  • No added sugars or oils

Please note, free shipping only applies to 2 x cartons total.

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