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Yandina freeze dry factory to save food wastage

Date: June 1, 2016

Source: Sunshine Valley Gazette Newspaper – Article by: Richard Bruinsma

The colossal wastage of fresh produce in Australia could be a thing of the past thanks to a new freeze drying factory being built at Yandina. And the cutting edge expertise could eventually lead to technology exports and improved healthy food availability around the globe. “My philosophy is to attack the wastage,” Michael Buckley, of Freeze Dry Industries, who is behind the factory and has driven the innovation process, said. “If you’ve got a perishable food, and if we can transform it into a stable long-shelf-life product, we can add extensively to its value – we’ve then got a product that’s storable and transportable. “I want to be able to put this footprint anywhere in the world and lead a value-adding, zero-waste Australian manufacturing fightback”.

Reduced Food Waste in 2016: kilograms

Our unique freeze drying process captures and preserves the natural values of all of the raw materials processed. Farmers and growers do their best to achieve the most value they can from their produce by typically selling in to markets and the large wholesalers. However, with all things perishable there may be lesser grades and less demand at certain peak times causing potential waste. This is where we come in. We don’t always need to be buying the top grade produce as we can add value to any material regardless of its size, shape or imperfections. Our target is to capture fruit and vegetables at their optimum of flavour and nutrition and lock in that goodness. Once freeze dried, otherwise perishable foods become light weight, long shelf life, easy to store and transport. The counters shown here are to provide estimates of potential waste that have been captured and processed. Each freeze drying batch uses 1 tonne of raw materials so we have an enormous capacity to work with farmers to assist them to add value and innovate.
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