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What started SunLife Superfoods?

Research shows that Australian families waste one out of five grocery bags of fresh food on average every week. That is an enormous amount of food wasted. Freeze drying enables us to turn otherwise perishable fresh produce items into convenient, healthy snacks for the entire family to enjoy. Read the full story here.


Our Factory

The state of the art factory in Yandina, Queensland is the first of its kind acting not only as a manufacturer but also a showroom for products, equipment and innovation. For more information about our range of products, please go to our shop page.

Over 25 years in the Industry

Growers of strawberries, mangoes, bananas and apples amongst many other fruits, (sourced predominantly locally but also Australia-wide) take advantage of SunLife’s sophisticated technology to freeze dry excess fruit for a variety of uses. The convenient StraightUp Freeze Dried Fruit snack packs are fast becoming the favourite of busy mums, fussy children and the health conscious. Freeze dry applications are also used for fruit, vegetable and herb powders for dried food processing and pharmaceuticals. Wastage will be a thing of the past and what would otherwise be perishable food, will find itself with a new life cycle without compromising the integrity of the product or its nutritional value.



The Future of Healthy Food!